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This page is dedicated to showcasing the personal projects that I have enjoyed directing in order to better supplement my formal education and professional work experience.

Not only have these projects improved my skills as an engineer, but they have helped me: 1) learn about new industries and technologies 2) improve my current success-enabling tools and organization methods, and 3) plan for a financially secure future.

Capstone Design Project: Low-Cost Home Microgenerator
Low-Cost Microgenerator
Impeller-Driven Boat
Impeller-Driven Boat
Personal Project
August 2021 - November 2022

A few of my favorite weekend hobbies are camping, hiking, and - in general - going on adventures in the great outdoors! Instead of buying a new kayak, I decided to build my own small boat to enhance these adventures. This project has presented a number of fun challenges that I've really enjoyed solving, like how to use alternative materials to keep costs down during a national lumber shortage. 

Goal: To design a small boat with 1) an 800lb weight capacity, 2) $500 budget, 3) 69"x40"x19" size limit so as to fit securely in the bed of my truck, 4) reliable electric propulsion system 

Skills Practiced:


  • Autodesk Inventor

  • 3D Printing

  • Fabricating & assembling composite materials

  • Fluid Mechanics

Screenshot 2021-08-20 141305.png
Project Lead
August 2022 - December 2022

In my final Georgia Tech academic project, our team sought to incorporate what we had learned in our machine design, energy transfer, system labs, and CAD courses over the prior 4 years into creating a real-world prototype of a device that can power a fridge or small A/C unit using a household's gas-powered lawnmower.

Goal: To design, fabricate, optimize, and test a product that serves as a low-cost alternative to a home generator in case of power outages. Additionally, determining market viability and considering consumer needs ensured a customer-first design.

Skills Practiced:

  • Machine Design (shaft fatigue cycles, FEA, pin shear stress)

  • CAD (Inventor) & Design Creativity

  • Overall Energy Analysis

  • System Test Procedures and Analysis

  • Project Finances and Cost Optimization

  • Engineering Leadership & Management

GT Homecoming "Contraption" Float Design
GT "Contraption" Float
Project Lead
August 2022 - October 2022

Homecoming was always one of my favorite times of the year while an undergrad at Georgia Tech. During my final semester, I decided to test my engineering and leadership abilities by managing the "contraption" parade float competition.

Goal: To design and fabricate a unique homecoming float that 1) operates without "push" power, 2) withstands the force from the driver weight and route conditions, 3) coheres to the theme of "Around the World", 4) costs less than $450 to build, and 5) wins the homecoming "contraption" category.

Skills Practiced:

  • Machine Design

  • CAD (Inventor) & Design Creativity

  • Engineering Leadership & Management

  • Fabrication

  • Cost Optimization

Financial Data Aggregator
Financial Data Aggregation and Report Generator
Personal Project
April 2021 - July 2022

Since beginning my undergrad degree (Fall 2018), I have used a number of methods to track my financial data in order to categorize and budget my expenses, as well as plan savings and investments for my future. As my financial portfolio broadens, it became essential to develop and maintain an accurate and fast method to qualify different gains and living expenses

Goal: To create a workflow to automate the aggregation of profits and losses of my different financial accounts, as well as establishing a program to quickly classify expenses to help create different data-centric reports in real-time.

Skills Practiced:

  • Financial Literacy

  • Excel VBA

  • Tableau

Financial Data Aggr.png
Heat Transfer in Drinkware
ME 3345 Heat Transfer Real-World Analysis Project
University Project
October 2021 - December 2021

Goal: To illustrate and quantifiably demonstrate the heat transfer concepts driving the design of mugs and other insulating drinkware using thermal resistance networks and convection coefficient calculations.

Skills Practiced:

  • CAD & 3D Printing

  • Heat Transfer Concepts

  • Test System Procedures and Setup

ME 2110 Design Competition
ME 2110 Mechatronics Design Competition
Team Lead
August 2020 - November 2020

This competition occurs every semester in ME 2110: "Creative Decisions and Designs", which is a project-based course at Georgia Tech. As our team lead, it was my primary responsibility to lead team build meetings and testing periods efficiently to ensure our robot's competitiveness. Also, I designed and fabricated the drivetrain of our team's robot.

Goal: To outline the engineering requirements needed to design and test a ping-pong throwing robot, and document the design process from a mechanical, electrical, software, and strategic point of view.

Skills Practiced:

  • SolidWorks

  • 3D Printing, Laser Cutter, Hand Tools

  • Engineering Leadership & Management

  • Technical Writing

GT Motorsports Research Team
GT Motorsports Research Team
Active Aero Team Lead
August 2019 - November 2019

Goal: To research the benefits of utilizing a dynamic rear wing on a 1/4-scale competition Formula SAE car for better performance when braking, accelerating quicker out of turns, and keeping more speed further into a straightaway.

Skills Practiced:

  • SolidWorks

  • CFD Concepts

  • Engineering Leadership & Management

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